Fallout 4 - Post-Game View

Today, I finally made it through the rest of the main story-line of Fallout 4, after playing for 41 hours.
You can read my early game view write-up [here][1],
Since then, my feelings for the game remain largely the same.
I've been writing up a sort of journal of my chronicles through the game. Mostly in the voice as if I was the actual character. You can find all of those Daily Recaps [here][2].
While my "Daily Recaps" are essentially just me regurgitating the story as I experience it, and thus are very "spoilery", I'm going to try to keep this "Game View" as spoiler-free as possible.

The game is really dark and intense.
And lots of "go here, shoot this". By the end of the game, it really got to the point where I was like "Ok, I'll put that off until later, I guess" whenever I knew I would have to go to some remote location and clear it from raiders or some other big ugly monster-thing.
I still really like the game, but at the same time, I'm kinda relieved that I'm done with the main story. Now I feel like I can go back at my own pace and complete some of the side missions.

I must admit, the story left me kind of underwhelmed.
Don't get me wrong, the story was intense, but I just didn't feel satisfied at the end.
Essentially, the story splits near the end, where you have to choose one of four Factions to side with for the remainder of the game. Once I was forced to choose a side, basically everything started going downhill. And I felt like a horrible person for each action I was forced to perform.

I've seen games before do stuff that intentionally messes with your emotions. I suppose you could argue that since the game is all about freedom of choice, that it is just one of those things about making choices. But near the end, I started to feel like I was no longer actually being given a choice. When faced with specific situations, I kept selecting dialog options with the hope and intention of doing one thing, while the other character basically says "No, we're doing it this way" and then the quest continues as set forth.
The illusion of having a choice while not actually having a choice.
I'm not wanting to do these things, and you make me do it anyway.
So again, I suppose you could have a discussion there about human mentality and moral decisions and whatnot. But personally, I would rather enjoy my time with a game, rather than basically feeling hatred at the situation I'm being forced into.
On the other hand, I have not played the other three Faction endings yet. So maybe one of those would feel more personally satisfying. If/when I do that, I'll be sure to add a quick note here about my feelings.

So, ending aside, I really liked this game. Part of that may likely be my personal-bias, coming in from being a fan of the Fallout franchise for over a decade.
The game looks great, despite many glitches. (Incorrect subtitles at times, interface not loading properly after re-load, odd camera angles during dialogue,)

The Quick-Save feature is invaluable. The game is very shooty-shooty, so I died a lot. Being able to reload quickly to re-try a section was very convenient.
I'm not really a huge fan of FPS games, so that aspect really started to wear me down a bit.
But other than that, the writing of the characters was really good. For most of the game, I had a 50's-era detective robot as my side-kick, which was like the greatest thing ever.

I still have a lot of side-quests to complete, and probably the other alternate endings to try for, as well as the settlement management. So there's still plenty left of the game that could last me many more hours.
It's a big game.

But I need a break from it for awhile. It's just really intense.

Was it worth playing? Yeah. I think so. It's a solid game, which will likely only get better with patches to fix the bugs. And there's all the Season Pass content yet to come. So I'll be revisiting the Commonwealth wasteland soon, surely.

I probably wouldn't vote for it as Game of the Year, though. Despite my love of the series.
It's a solid game. Lots of love for it. But at the end of the day, there's just that little something that leaves me with a little hole. Probably just me trying to cope with the ending. I don't want to judge the game on that, as I realize that is just one of the endings, but so far that's the only ending I know, so that's the ending that I have to judge it on so far.

If you wanna check it out for yourself, which I do recommend, you can pick it up on Steam [here][3]

[1]: http://sstaver.typed.com/blog/fallout-4 "Fallout 4 - Early Game View"
[2]: http://sstaver.typed.com/tags/fallout "Fallout 4 - Daily Recaps"
[3]: http://store.steampowered.com/app/377160/ "Fallout 4 on Steam"

Fallout 4 - Final Day Recap

Took another few days off of Fallout 4.
But now, it's time to finish this.
Major end-game spoilers here.

So, Shaun wants me to find some rogue Synths.
Make it to Bunker Hill, and a huge fight breaks out between the Brotherhood of Steel and the Railroad.
Looks like any chance I had of working with The Railroad just dropped to none.
Finally made my way to the Synths, and... Well, I was met with an extremely difficult situation.
These Synths... Were afraid.
By all normal appearance and behavior, they seemed like normal human beings. All they want is to be able to live their own lives freely.
Yet here I am being told that I have to issue reset codes and send them back to the Institute.

This is really not fair.
I don't like this. Not one bit.

I ended up issuing the reset codes as instructed. I'm not happy about it though. (Maybe a future play-through I can try another option.)

Met with Shaun again.
Some more startling revelations.

It sure seems that Shaun is happy and fully committed to his place at The Institute.
And apparently he's the one who had me "let out" of the Vault at the beginning of the game.
So essentially, to him, it was just an experiment. To see what I would do. If I would survive. If I would fall to the "corruptions" of the wasteland.
It leaves a poor taste in my mouth.

The character's goal to find Shaun, feels like all was in vain. He didn't care about being found. He doesn't care about his father.

What am I continuing on helping him then?
I suppose it's because I've made it this far already. And there's really very few other alternatives. (And any other alternatives would likely lead to unnecessary deaths)

So, in the meantime, I attended the Institute's Directorate board meeting.
The other people at the meeting are clearly not pleased about my presence.
Learned about Phase 3.
Also learned that Shaun is dying of some disease.
And he's named me as his successor. Again, the rest of the people are not pleased.

My next mission is to help retrieve a beryllium agitator.
This will sure be... Agitating? haha!

Another big fight with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Got the agitator, although I had to go through a heavily radiated room for it. Luckily I had some Rad-Away to help.

Back at the Institute, I'm sent off once again. This time, to help recruit a scientist from the Commonwealth who may be able to help. He was being protected by the Minutemen.
I was able to convince them to stand down, and then convince the scientist to join The Institute. I sure hope this goes ok.

Now, it's up to me to boost the Diamond City radio signal, so that the Institute's "announcement message" is broadcast to as many people as possible. I have a bad feeling about this.

At the radio building, I finally meet Travis, that Radio DJ.
Man, he's such an awkward jittery mess.

However, I was able to take a detour to talk to the Russians at the bar to help build up Travis' confidence.
That was... An interesting quest.

Also stopped by to visit Virgil. He's definitely looking better. I'm really impressed.

Back at the Institute, I'm having to continue making difficult decisions.
Now I'm being forced to kill the people at The Railroad.
I don't think this is right. But I've come this far, and I've dug myself too deep into a hole that I won't be able to get myself out of. Gonna have to ride this to the end. At all costs.

At the Railroad, they were not happy to see me.
And I was not happy to be there.
That was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do in a game. Really not feeling good about things right now.

Next, he wants me to help destroy the Brotherhood of Steel.
Doctor Li (a familiar face from Fallout 3! That's a surprise!) gave me instructions on how to find Liberty Prime. Off I go.

That was another big ol' fight.
After all is done... Nick is not too happy with me.
And I understand. I'm not all too happy with myself.

And looks like that's it.
The game's over. Shaun dies of sickness and I'm left in charge of the Institute.
Nothing left but go through all the old quests that I have left over.

What a depressing game.

Fallout 4 - Day 8 Recap

Getting closer to the end.
A TON of spoilers ahead.

I feel like we're finally going to get some real answers today.
At least, assuming that I don't get too distracted by side quests!

To start, I traveled to the CIT building. Followed the Courser's signal to the nearby Greenetech Genetics.
There, I had to fight my way up to the top of the large building, full of raiders.
Lots of shooting. And accidentally stepping on mines. That's fun. (not fun)

Found the Courser. He put up quite the fight.
Finally, was able to get the chip in his head.

Back to the Memory Den to have the chip analyzed!
Along the way, I was listening to the Minutemen Radio Freedom channel, and apparently there's someone at the Minutemen Castle looking for me. I'll need to remember to stop by and check it out.

Doctor Amari, unfortunately, is unable to do anything with the Courser chip.
But she gave me a good tip, on some people called The Railroad, that may be able to help. To find them, I need to "Follow the Freedom Trail".
I know where to start for that, as I stumbled upon the start of it very early in my quest, but gave up after finding some cryptic clues.
Sounds like I'll need to go back and face it head-on now.

Along the way, I decided to turn in an Overdue Library Book I found, to the local library. The place was crawling with Super Mutants, so I cleared things out.

I also stumbled upon Vault 81. In exchange for some fuel cores, they let me come in. Looks like a healthy community. I'll come back and look around more later, maybe.

Back on the Freedom Trail, I quickly figured out what I was supposed to do. There was some red paths paved on the road, all throughout the city. Followed it past several locations, and wound up at the Old North Church.

(The Freedom Trail is yet another thing that is kind of mind-freaky about how the game takes place in a fictionalized alternate real-world future. Based on real-world locations. It just kind of hit me about how.... Scary this whole thing is.)

Anyway, found my way into the church, and met with the Railroad leader.
Got the needed code. Talked to Virgil. Got some schematics to build a relay to transport me to The Institute.
Everything's finally coming together!

Took the plans to Preston and the Minutemen. Sturges took a look, and we're on our way to get this teleport machine built!

The machine was much easier to build than I anticipated. Turns out that during my travels, I had already picked up all of the necessary parts. Sweet!

And then... ZAP! I have teleported.

This is it... This is really it.. I'm finally going to find out where Shaun is.

As I arrive, I am greeted by a voice. The man calls himself "Father".
Oh boy. This is going to be one of those self-important types, isn't it?

Fairly quickly, I've made some amazing realizations.
Apparently.... Father is... Shaun. And he's an old man now.
This is heavy-duty, Doc.
And he seems so... Cold. Dismissive of his past. Doesn't care what happened to us. To me. To his mother.
I don't think I can truly trust him. Which is a pretty heavy thing to think about, when a father cannot trust his own son.
This game is insane!

Not sure what's going on. The game suddenly is just all over the place now. What do I do now?!
Everyone wants to destroy the Institute, and now I'm supposed to work with the Institute?
This certainly is a lot to take in.


This place is surely insane.
I just cannot wrap my head around it.
It's a huge underground complex, with tons of people, and scientists and doctors, and robots. Not sure what they're all really planning, but I've got a really uneasy feeling about it.

Walked around and met with some of the main doctors, to learn what they claim they're doing. They all seem to be expecting me to join them.
Learned something about Phase 3 testing. Sounds intense..

I found Virgil's old lab, and grabbed the serum he was working on. I hope this helps his 'condition'.
It'll take a week before we know anything.

In the meantime, Nick has an important personal case that he wants help with. So it'll be up to me to help track down some holotapes that have important information on them. I'm sure we'll stumble upon them in time.


I've made a decision.
From here on out, I can basically work for one of four different groups.

The Minutemen
The Railroad
The Brotherhood of Steel
The Institute

Each of them have their own reasons for doing things, and while they all seem to have mostly good intentions, they all rather annoy me.

For now, however, I will go ahead and work with The Institute.

"Father" (Shaun) wants me to go help a Courser reclaim a rogue synth.
This is a very weird thing to think about doing, considering all my experiences up to this point.

Long story short, found the raiders, and was able to help retrieve the rogue synth.

I think it's well past a stopping point. Should rest on all the stuff I found today, and I can find out more stuff tomorrow.

Fallout 4 - Day 7 Recap

It's been a week since Fallout 4 was released.
I've spent 30-hours playing the game so far.
It's kind of weird to think of it that way. Out of the last week, I've spent one whole day of the entire last week, playing Fallout 4.

Anyway, let's get back to it.

Went to investigate some missing person at Diamond City.
Found a receipt for facial reconstruction surgery. Interesting.
Went to talk to the local "Doctor", and hit a dead end. I found a blood trail into his basement, but I can't get in without either picking the lock, or finding (or stealing) the key. Can't do that in the middle of the town without getting some odd looks, (or worse!)

So, I decide it's time to head back on the quest to find the Memory Doctor, over at Goodneighbor.

At Goodneighbor, I got distracted by the local ghouls. Picked up a few quests to check out later. Including one from a shady-looking gal(/ghoul) who seems to be digging up something that's not theirs.

Continued on my quest to the Memory Den, and suddenly I'm on some weird Assassin's Creed/Matrix/Inception-type mind-trip.
It was interesting.

Looks like I need to hunt down a Institute scientist that went rogue. Sounds like there's a good chance that he's at the Glowing Sea. Now I just need to find a way to withstand the radiation.
May be a good job for the Power Armor. I've been hanging on to my Fusion Cores for some time waiting for the right time to use it, so now's my chance! Serious mega power!

But first, I took a detour to the Minutemen's "Castle", to clear out all the Mirelurks there.
I do not like Mirelurks.

So, next up, I get my Power Armor all souped up, and then head toward the Glowing Sea.

The Glowing Sea is scary.
It's dark. Hazy. And radioactive as hell.
I dare not take off my Power Armor, else I'd likely be microwaved.

Found a crazy cult that seem to be worshipping the remains of a nuclear bomb. They worship "Atom". Heh.
How they survive out here, I don't know. They have some sort of metal strainer strapped to their belly. I have a feeling I'll be learning more about them later.

Well, I found Virgil. Seems he's having a slight.. Problem.
Regardless, he gave me some clues I need in how to infiltrate the Institute.

So looks like my next stop is the remains of the CIT building near Diamond City, to hunt down a synth Courser.

I'm getting ever so closer to my goal. I feel like it can't be much longer now. I'm really excited to find out what happens next!

That, however, shall wait until tomorrow.

Fallout 4 - Days 4, 5, 6

I took two days off of Fallout 4 to focus on work and other things.
But I'm back! And there will likely be spoilers.

It was time to fetch Dogmeat for his smelling ability. On my way back to Sanctuary, I came across Sunshine Tidings Co-Op, and set up a beacon, to hopefully allow that place to become a settlement for other folk in the wasteland.

We found several spots where this "Kellogg" guy must have passed through.
Ended up at Fort Hagen, where we found our way inside.
The place was full of Synths, supposedly protecting Kellogg. It was a long battle.

Finally got to confront Kellogg about the location of Shaun.
Left me with more questions than answers.

After the confrontation, I exit the Fort, and notice a large airship. I lock on to a Brotherhood of Steel radio transmission demanding all recruits to return to the Police Station. So I head over, and there's a bunch of BOS members at the place now. Apparently they're gearing up for war..

I took a pitstop back at Sanctuary, to improve my weapons and armor, before heading back to board the BOS Vertibird.

The BOS Elder is rather young. He seems eager to go all out war on The Institute.
I am getting very bad vibes about the Brotherhood. I don't like their sense of superiority attitude. I am going to need to be wary of them moving forward.

I've also decided that Nick Valentine is my favorite companion so far. His voice-acting is awesome, and I like his story and personality, and his sense of humor is hilarious. (Beep.. Beep.. Beep)

I decided to put off the Brotherhood mission, and continue back to Diamond City to talk to Piper regarding what happened with Kellogg.

So now I'm off to the Memory Den to try to find out possible leads to where The Institute is located.
But that will have to wait for another day.

Fallout 4 - Day 3 Recap

Back for more? Alright, let's go! (Spoilers)

When you start out your day by clearing out an old hardware store full of raiders in order to get a can of green paint, and you consider that a slow start to a day... That just goes to show what a strange world you live in.

Stumbled upon a random Protectron who started shooting at me. So I dismantled it. (With a laser pistol.)

I sure do love my laser pistol. I got it from the Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Danse after my first mission with him. It's been pretty useful. Haven't found anything to replace it yet.

Some raiders kidnapped an outpost leader's sister, so I gave her the caps to pay the ransom, because I wasn't feeling like hiking to another distant location to fight some raiders.

Stumbled upon a comic store. Found it infested with feral ghouls.
Also found some sort of movie studio at the top. Found a neat costume. Looks important.

On my way to turn in some random item to the BOS Scribe, I witnessed a UFO crash!
I searched for the location, and came across some slime. Followed the slime trail to a nearby cave, where I FOUND AN ALIEN. It instantly started attacking me, but it died quickly from my laser rifle. (Guess it was still injured from its crash.)
Found an alien blaster weapon near him. It seems powerful. This may be fun.

I ended up back on the trail of the missing detective. Tracked him down to where he was being held in Vault 114, by some local gangsters. Go figure, this whole thing is feeling very 1920s all of a sudden.
A long fight with some ghouls. And then Nick Valentine lead the way back to Diamond City.

After describing to the detective my situation, we may have found a lead! We investigated the local thug's house, and found a secret room.
Sounds like I should have Dogmeat track down the scent here.

That'll have to wait for tomorrow.

Fallout 4 - Day 2 Recap

Another day in the wasteland. (Spoilers, again)

Today, I decided to go looking for those missing Brotherhood of Steel (BOS) Patrol members.
Along the way, I stumbled upon a small community, heavily barricaded behind a wall, very well defended.
It was easy to get into, all I had to do was pass some sort of SAFE oral test to prove I wasn't a Synth.

The more time I spend in the wasteland, the more it seems everyone is paranoid about these Synths.

Anyway, they call this place Covenant. There's definitely something "off" about this place. The folk seem to be hesitant to talk to me, and rushing off if I try talking to them. But they seem well-meaning, I guess.
Met a man named Honest Dan, who is looking for answers as to the fate of a caravan. He thinks Covenant has something to do with it.
He tasked me to help look for clues.
I checked out the caravan and found some "Deezer's Lemonade" among the rubble. Deezer's Lemonade seems to be Covenant's specialty drink, made there. (Although nobody knows what's actually in it. Hmm..)

I didn't have any luck finding any additional information, so I went back to my hunt for the BOS members.

As I got closer to the last known location, I picked up a distress beacon, which guided me to the site of some sort of explosion. At least one dead BOS member, and several empty (I think!) sets of armor. I also found a Holotape, where it was reported that they were attacked and retreated to a nearby National Guard Training Yard.

I found the place overrun with feral ghouls. I found the remains of one of the BOS Knights, along with a Holotape pointing the way to a nearby Satellite Array.

Turns out, the Satellite Array was infested with Super Mutants. Man, this is turning into one of those days...
There, I also found the remains of another BOS member. Pointing me to yet another location up north.

I decide that I don't really feel like going there right now, so I head back to Sanctuary to see if there's anything I can build.
I stop to clear out some Raiders at the Corvega Assembly Plant, and then Preston Garvey joins my team.

At this point, I feel my next goal should be to get back on the case of locating Detective Valentine.

But that'll be a job for tomorrow.

Fallout 4 - Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of Fallout 4.

Spoilers follow.

Technically, Fallout 4 was released on Monday evening at 9pm, and I played for 4 hours then.
After work on Tuesday, I then played for another 7 hours.

Here is a quick (hah) recap of all I experienced in that time.

There WILL be spoilers.
Except for the beginning. I'll go ahead and start up AFTER the Vault scene.

So, after witnessing his son, Shaun, being kidnapped, your character decides to go find him. (Because of course.)
Soon after I came across Dogmeat, my new loyal companion, I suppose!
Made my way to Concord, and helped out Preston Garvey and the Minutemen clear out the Museum of Freedom. Got to experience the Power Armor. Oh boy, it is crazy-cool. But sucks up power super fast. I'm gonna need to keep my eye out for the necessary fuel cores to power up this sucker.
I get a helpful tip, saying that I should go to Diamond City, where I may find some help/information regarding my missing son.

Once we all went back to Sanctuary, I helped Sturges set up some clean water, food, and bunks to sleep. I think this is going to make a really nice home base. Quite nice, indeed.
My robot-butler Codsworth agrees to come with me on my quest. Dogmeat stays behind.
While looking for food, I came across a nice farm. I listened to their story about the raiders stealing their crops, and their daughter's missing locket. So, being the kind and caring person that I am, I promise to go retrieve that missing locket.
Along the way, I find an old junk yard that has a bunch of what appears to be recently-killed cult members. Not sure what happened here, but I have a feeling I'll be returning at a later time.

After returning the locket, I again start heading toward Diamond City. I come across a diner where some thugs seem to be threatening the owner, demanding money. I help resolve the situation, and I continue again toward Diamond City.
I soon pick up a radio distress signal. So I follow the signal to the Cambridge Police Station. There, I meet Paladin Danse, Knight Rhys, and Scribe Haylen from the Brotherhood of Steel being attacked by feral ghouls. After the area has been secured, I agree to assist Danse in retrieving a Deep Range Transmitter, to help them call for assistance (or something, whatever).
I follow him to the ArcJet Systems building, where we find the DRT, along with a ton of crazy robot things that I learn are called "Synths". These things are freaky, and powerful. I'm going to do my best to avoid these things as much as possible..
On the plus side, I found a fusion core for my Power Armor! SCORE!!

Because of how awesome I am (or something, whatever), Danse invites me to join the Brotherhood of Steel as a new Initiate. With the promise of support from the team, and sweet weapons. Sure, I'm game.
My first quest with them is to help locate the lost Recon Team that previously set out for the Commonwealth.

But then I remember that I'd rather go back to finding Shaun.
I make it to Diamond City, and meet the mayor and the local "Journalist", Piper.
After a bit of persuasion, the mayor gives me a tip toward the local detective. Apparently, I'm not the first person looking for a missing person in Diamond City. I learn about something called The Institute, and how they're likely the ones who created those Synths I saw earlier. Scary stuff, man.

The local Detective seems to be missing. How convenient. So now I have to play detective, to find the detective, to help me find my son. Argh.
So, after learning about Detective Valentine's last case, I set out to follow the trail.

BUT I get side-tracked, because of course I do. I pick up another radio distress signal, from a nearby radio station. So off I go.
This building is filled with Super Mutants. Holy cow, they're angry and aggressive.
(OOC: But their voices are hilarious. I imagine the voice actor had a lot of fun during recording day.)
At the top of the tower, I rescue Rex Goodman, and his friend.... A Super Mutant?!?
Apparently this Super Mutant's name is "Strong". And he's friendly because of reasons.
He agrees to join my team, to help in his search for "milk of human kindness". Alright then. Codsworth goes back to Sanctuary. (I can switch between companions whenever I want.)

That's the end of Day 1 of my trip through the desolate wasteland, of what remains of Massachusetts. So much going on.
I've made a lot of new acquaintances. And I'm that much closer to finding out what happened to Shaun.

See you tomorrow!

Fallout 4 - Early Game View

As of writing this, I've played about 11-hours of Fallout 4 so far, and felt like sharing some of my early thoughts.

Already, I can say that this game is awesome.
I may get excited about a lot of things, and many games, but this game truly is awesome!.

I was a bit nervous about whether this game would live up to my hopes and expectations for Fallout, since I never really got into New Vegas.
But turns out, Fallout 4 deserves that "sequel numbering", very much so.

Fallout 4 is huge. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface, and I'm already juggling 10 quests, having to go here or there. Of course, I'm free to ignore them and just focus on the main story. But I'm enjoying the side stories, and improving my stats.

The new Perk system is pretty neat. It's a lot more streamlined.
I do wish that there was an easier way to note things on the map, since I've encountered several areas that I know I'll need to come back to later, once I unlock a certain talent. But I'll probably forget.

The game is gorgeous. Which is weird to say of a desolate wasteland. Everything has a visual weight to it, and you feel like this stuff could really exist. It makes you care about this world.

The game does have some issues though.
I found myself getting stuck on a wall, falling through a wall, NPCs seeming to disappear during conversations due to weird camera angles, seeing broken subtitles in dialogue, un-synced lips for character, etc. The game even completely crashed at one point.

But the rest of the game feels so fantastic, that it makes it easy for me to overlook the glitches. (Although hopefully they're fixed in new updates)

If I had a real complaint, it'd be that quests involved in going into a large building, end up frustrating me a bit. I get lost easily, and if I'm trying to make sure I don't overlook an item, I end up just all over the place.

There's a "crafting" aspect for weapons/armor, which is pretty clever. I didn't expect to care much for it, but it has shown so far to be fun.
Settlement management is available, but it feels natural, and I've found myself spending a surprising amount of time just playing around there.
I find myself looking forward to getting a certain material, so that I can improve a weapon, or build another piece of a settlement.

I'm still early on in the game, but I can see that I'm going to be spending many many more hours here. There's a lot to do in this game. It can be a bit overwhelming. (I had a similar issue with Skyrim.)
They key is that it doesn't feel like filler quests. Each quest feels like it belongs, and I find myself wrapped up in these issues that need to be solved. (Since I'm such a great person, and all that stuff.)

So yeah, the game has issues, but it's a lot of fun.
It's safe to say that if you liked Fallout 3, then you'll like Fallout 4.

I must admit something. After discovering that I could use "console commands" in Fallout 4, I think I'll be having even more fun.
Fallout 4 is a tough game. I'm not planning to enable god mode or anything. However, running out of ammo or having to struggle to scavenge scrap to sell for extra money.. I don't find that fun. That was an issue I had with Fallout 3. So I admit I may give myself some extra ammo now and then just to keep things going. :)

The Pip-Boy app for iPhone is really freaking sweet. It gives me instant access to my Pip-Boy functions in the game, on another screen. So I can tap over to heal, or change inventory, or have a constant map available, without constantly opening up the in-game Pip-Boy. Pretty dang cool.