Fallout 4 - Day 3 Recap

Back for more? Alright, let's go! (Spoilers)

When you start out your day by clearing out an old hardware store full of raiders in order to get a can of green paint, and you consider that a slow start to a day... That just goes to show what a strange world you live in.

Stumbled upon a random Protectron who started shooting at me. So I dismantled it. (With a laser pistol.)

I sure do love my laser pistol. I got it from the Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Danse after my first mission with him. It's been pretty useful. Haven't found anything to replace it yet.

Some raiders kidnapped an outpost leader's sister, so I gave her the caps to pay the ransom, because I wasn't feeling like hiking to another distant location to fight some raiders.

Stumbled upon a comic store. Found it infested with feral ghouls.
Also found some sort of movie studio at the top. Found a neat costume. Looks important.

On my way to turn in some random item to the BOS Scribe, I witnessed a UFO crash!
I searched for the location, and came across some slime. Followed the slime trail to a nearby cave, where I FOUND AN ALIEN. It instantly started attacking me, but it died quickly from my laser rifle. (Guess it was still injured from its crash.)
Found an alien blaster weapon near him. It seems powerful. This may be fun.

I ended up back on the trail of the missing detective. Tracked him down to where he was being held in Vault 114, by some local gangsters. Go figure, this whole thing is feeling very 1920s all of a sudden.
A long fight with some ghouls. And then Nick Valentine lead the way back to Diamond City.

After describing to the detective my situation, we may have found a lead! We investigated the local thug's house, and found a secret room.
Sounds like I should have Dogmeat track down the scent here.

That'll have to wait for tomorrow.