Fallout 4 - Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of Fallout 4.

Spoilers follow.

Technically, Fallout 4 was released on Monday evening at 9pm, and I played for 4 hours then.
After work on Tuesday, I then played for another 7 hours.

Here is a quick (hah) recap of all I experienced in that time.

There WILL be spoilers.
Except for the beginning. I'll go ahead and start up AFTER the Vault scene.

So, after witnessing his son, Shaun, being kidnapped, your character decides to go find him. (Because of course.)
Soon after I came across Dogmeat, my new loyal companion, I suppose!
Made my way to Concord, and helped out Preston Garvey and the Minutemen clear out the Museum of Freedom. Got to experience the Power Armor. Oh boy, it is crazy-cool. But sucks up power super fast. I'm gonna need to keep my eye out for the necessary fuel cores to power up this sucker.
I get a helpful tip, saying that I should go to Diamond City, where I may find some help/information regarding my missing son.

Once we all went back to Sanctuary, I helped Sturges set up some clean water, food, and bunks to sleep. I think this is going to make a really nice home base. Quite nice, indeed.
My robot-butler Codsworth agrees to come with me on my quest. Dogmeat stays behind.
While looking for food, I came across a nice farm. I listened to their story about the raiders stealing their crops, and their daughter's missing locket. So, being the kind and caring person that I am, I promise to go retrieve that missing locket.
Along the way, I find an old junk yard that has a bunch of what appears to be recently-killed cult members. Not sure what happened here, but I have a feeling I'll be returning at a later time.

After returning the locket, I again start heading toward Diamond City. I come across a diner where some thugs seem to be threatening the owner, demanding money. I help resolve the situation, and I continue again toward Diamond City.
I soon pick up a radio distress signal. So I follow the signal to the Cambridge Police Station. There, I meet Paladin Danse, Knight Rhys, and Scribe Haylen from the Brotherhood of Steel being attacked by feral ghouls. After the area has been secured, I agree to assist Danse in retrieving a Deep Range Transmitter, to help them call for assistance (or something, whatever).
I follow him to the ArcJet Systems building, where we find the DRT, along with a ton of crazy robot things that I learn are called "Synths". These things are freaky, and powerful. I'm going to do my best to avoid these things as much as possible..
On the plus side, I found a fusion core for my Power Armor! SCORE!!

Because of how awesome I am (or something, whatever), Danse invites me to join the Brotherhood of Steel as a new Initiate. With the promise of support from the team, and sweet weapons. Sure, I'm game.
My first quest with them is to help locate the lost Recon Team that previously set out for the Commonwealth.

But then I remember that I'd rather go back to finding Shaun.
I make it to Diamond City, and meet the mayor and the local "Journalist", Piper.
After a bit of persuasion, the mayor gives me a tip toward the local detective. Apparently, I'm not the first person looking for a missing person in Diamond City. I learn about something called The Institute, and how they're likely the ones who created those Synths I saw earlier. Scary stuff, man.

The local Detective seems to be missing. How convenient. So now I have to play detective, to find the detective, to help me find my son. Argh.
So, after learning about Detective Valentine's last case, I set out to follow the trail.

BUT I get side-tracked, because of course I do. I pick up another radio distress signal, from a nearby radio station. So off I go.
This building is filled with Super Mutants. Holy cow, they're angry and aggressive.
(OOC: But their voices are hilarious. I imagine the voice actor had a lot of fun during recording day.)
At the top of the tower, I rescue Rex Goodman, and his friend.... A Super Mutant?!?
Apparently this Super Mutant's name is "Strong". And he's friendly because of reasons.
He agrees to join my team, to help in his search for "milk of human kindness". Alright then. Codsworth goes back to Sanctuary. (I can switch between companions whenever I want.)

That's the end of Day 1 of my trip through the desolate wasteland, of what remains of Massachusetts. So much going on.
I've made a lot of new acquaintances. And I'm that much closer to finding out what happened to Shaun.

See you tomorrow!