Fallout 4 - Days 4, 5, 6

I took two days off of Fallout 4 to focus on work and other things.
But I'm back! And there will likely be spoilers.

It was time to fetch Dogmeat for his smelling ability. On my way back to Sanctuary, I came across Sunshine Tidings Co-Op, and set up a beacon, to hopefully allow that place to become a settlement for other folk in the wasteland.

We found several spots where this "Kellogg" guy must have passed through.
Ended up at Fort Hagen, where we found our way inside.
The place was full of Synths, supposedly protecting Kellogg. It was a long battle.

Finally got to confront Kellogg about the location of Shaun.
Left me with more questions than answers.

After the confrontation, I exit the Fort, and notice a large airship. I lock on to a Brotherhood of Steel radio transmission demanding all recruits to return to the Police Station. So I head over, and there's a bunch of BOS members at the place now. Apparently they're gearing up for war..

I took a pitstop back at Sanctuary, to improve my weapons and armor, before heading back to board the BOS Vertibird.

The BOS Elder is rather young. He seems eager to go all out war on The Institute.
I am getting very bad vibes about the Brotherhood. I don't like their sense of superiority attitude. I am going to need to be wary of them moving forward.

I've also decided that Nick Valentine is my favorite companion so far. His voice-acting is awesome, and I like his story and personality, and his sense of humor is hilarious. (Beep.. Beep.. Beep)

I decided to put off the Brotherhood mission, and continue back to Diamond City to talk to Piper regarding what happened with Kellogg.

So now I'm off to the Memory Den to try to find out possible leads to where The Institute is located.
But that will have to wait for another day.