Fallout 4 - Day 2 Recap

Another day in the wasteland. (Spoilers, again)

Today, I decided to go looking for those missing Brotherhood of Steel (BOS) Patrol members.
Along the way, I stumbled upon a small community, heavily barricaded behind a wall, very well defended.
It was easy to get into, all I had to do was pass some sort of SAFE oral test to prove I wasn't a Synth.

The more time I spend in the wasteland, the more it seems everyone is paranoid about these Synths.

Anyway, they call this place Covenant. There's definitely something "off" about this place. The folk seem to be hesitant to talk to me, and rushing off if I try talking to them. But they seem well-meaning, I guess.
Met a man named Honest Dan, who is looking for answers as to the fate of a caravan. He thinks Covenant has something to do with it.
He tasked me to help look for clues.
I checked out the caravan and found some "Deezer's Lemonade" among the rubble. Deezer's Lemonade seems to be Covenant's specialty drink, made there. (Although nobody knows what's actually in it. Hmm..)

I didn't have any luck finding any additional information, so I went back to my hunt for the BOS members.

As I got closer to the last known location, I picked up a distress beacon, which guided me to the site of some sort of explosion. At least one dead BOS member, and several empty (I think!) sets of armor. I also found a Holotape, where it was reported that they were attacked and retreated to a nearby National Guard Training Yard.

I found the place overrun with feral ghouls. I found the remains of one of the BOS Knights, along with a Holotape pointing the way to a nearby Satellite Array.

Turns out, the Satellite Array was infested with Super Mutants. Man, this is turning into one of those days...
There, I also found the remains of another BOS member. Pointing me to yet another location up north.

I decide that I don't really feel like going there right now, so I head back to Sanctuary to see if there's anything I can build.
I stop to clear out some Raiders at the Corvega Assembly Plant, and then Preston Garvey joins my team.

At this point, I feel my next goal should be to get back on the case of locating Detective Valentine.

But that'll be a job for tomorrow.