The Witness - Game View

I've been looking forward to The Witness for years.
I can't remember how long it's been. But I remember that the excitement reached it's peak around the time it was showcased for the PS4 launch announcements.
Since then, I've eagerly awaited.
As is the case with games that I've been eagerly waiting for, and the hype that builds leading up to release, I had a pang of fear, in case that I'd be disappointed in the end, after so much waiting and excitement.
Luckily, that did not happen.
The Witness is a good game.
Very good.
Even just exploring the island, there's a sense of wonder. Something special about how everything has a visual weight to it. It's so pretty, and draws you in.
The game doesn't verbally explain anything to you. However, it would be up to you to solve the 600+ puzzles that exist on the island.
Basically, they're line puzzles, go from point A to B.
However, along the way, you'll start to learn differences to the puzzles, how a dot here, or a color there can require you to go a different way.
And then there's puzzles that require you to pay attention to the environment as well.
It all adds up, to a very engaging experience.
It's a journey. And it's wonderful.
The puzzles get difficult. I've wanted to slam my head against my desk several times due to a frustrating puzzle.
Most of the time, it was either because I was forgetting something important about the puzzle, overlooking something, or because I just haven't learned the important "trick" to solving the puzzle yet. Leave to a different part of the island to solve other puzzles, and there I may learn that missing idea that I needed to go back to the other puzzle.
I've also used some image editors to help track my ideas/plans. A notepad would also help.
I kind of feel like this game was made just for me.
I'm enjoying so much just walking around the island. (Although some times it can feel a bit overwhelming, since it's so big, and I've gotten a bit lost).
I feel like anyone else playing would likely get too frustrated at some of the puzzles, and then quit playing.
I'd love for as many people to play this game as possible. And I want everyone to enjoy it as much as me.
I can't help but imagine some angry internet trolls getting frustrated at one of the early puzzles and then complaining because it was too hard or they think it's broken.
If you don't like puzzles, then maybe don't play a puzzle game.
But if you're wiling to lose yourself in a literal world of puzzles, The Witness will be a nice excursion keeping you busy for days.