Spy Party - Game View

SpyParty just recently came out on Steam on April 12, 2018.
But I've been following the game far longer than that.
I signed up for the Early Access Beta list on May 11th, 2011. So it's been at least 7 years that I've been watching the game grow.

After signing up for the Early Access Beta list, I finally got my invite to join on June 7th, 2012. Beta was $15. After that, I was able to jump in and start playing.
However, the game never really grabbed my attention when actually playing it. So it remained something that I just watched development of.

But when it was finally released on Steam, I rediscovered the game, and fell in love with it.

The game is a two-player game, where one person is a Spy at a party (hence, the name) and the other person is a Sniper. It is the Sniper's goal to identify the spy and shoot him.
The twist? The Sniper doesn't know what the Spy looks like. The Spy's job is to blend in at a large group of people, completing various spy missions, without standing out. Everyone else at the party are computer-controlled.

It is a hilarious confusion.
I was playing with a friend. So there was the added aspect of taunting each other, how we were doing a good job of hiding, or "Oh, did I just see you take the guest list, hmmm??"

After playing so much with my friend, it's given me a new appreciation of the game. And now I'm likely to play alone, with the automatic matchmaking, to play with other random people.

So, if you find yourself playing some SpyParty, send me a message and we can play together.