Saints Row IV - Game View

Saints Row IV just came out on Tuesday, available for most consoles, and Windows. (Steam link: )

Last summer, on a whim, I picked up Saints Row: The Third and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I had never played the first two games, so wasn’t sure what to expect.

It’s a very silly game. Tons of customization, tons of exploration, tons of killing anything you feel like killing, going anywhere you want to go, doing anything in any order, lots of satire of other games / popular things / anything, and MUCH sophomoric humor (I could elaborate, but I’d rather not. :P )

But it’s fun. It was a solid game that doesn’t take itself seriously. Just get to explore and complete the missions and slowly dominate the entire map. Sort of like Just Cause 2 which I’ve poured over 100 hours into and have STILL not completed all the things-to-do. (that’s another game I highly recommend). I almost would include Skyrim into the mix, although Skyrim is much more heavy into story, and going place-to-place-to-place, which caused me to lose interest faster than I would have wanted. Just Cause 2 and Saints Row The Third is more self-contained bits which still tie into the larger story, and freedom to explore.

I enjoy that open world, free-to-do-anything type of game. It seems hard for most “open world” games to get it right though.

I was excited when Saints Row IV was announced, and pre-ordered it (thanks to Amazon having a mega good deal on it)

So anyway, it’s finally out, and I’ve spent 7 hours playing it today, almost non-stop. (Wow, I’ve gotten this far into the post and haven’t even started TALKING about the game yet.)

Long story short: This game is AWESOME.

Back in the city of Steelport that you’re familiar with if you played Saints Row The Third, yet this time it’s all in a simulation. (Aliens have taken over and [another spoiler removed]) so you have to go through the simulated city, taking it over, causing mayhem, and just having fun. (while there’s still story to move things along if you want.)

But this game doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and that’s fine with me.

From the start, you’re able to customize your character’s looks, personality, and voice.
There’s a “Nolan North” voice option, since of course, almost no game is complete without Nolan North.
The game had me laughing my ass off right from the start, when you find yourself in the simulation for the first time. You can watch the entire segment [HERE](, but you may not want to watch it if you plan on playing the game yourself, as part of the humor comes with just how DIFFERENT it is from what you expect from the game. Although I love the music that starts at 3:05 (Spongebob fans may recognize it too. :P )

And if you’re playing with the Nolan North voice, you’ll see that response at 5:04 in the video, which again made me laugh my ass off (breaking the 4th wall ftw)

Anyway, after all that, you’re left in the city simulation. Killing things, hacking things, and doing all the Matrix-ish stuff you would expect. (Running super fast, jumping through the air, flying), or stealing vehicles, killing anything, just exploring.

Lots of freedom, but it still forms a cohesive whole. Very much enjoying the game, but still needed to take a break to come down from the ol’ ultraviolence, I suppose. :P

The game is mindless fun at its core, doesn’t take itself seriously, but still end up being serious fun, with a solid story, and enough to keep you going for many hours. (Likely a 40-hour game. Even longer if you end up playing in co-op mode)

With lots of collectibles, variety of missions/activities, and customization galore, this game is likely to keep anyone entertained, assuming you don’t mind the senseless violence and sophomoric attitude.