Her Story - Game View

I only learned about this game about a month ago, and since then, my hype levels have been off the chart.

It’s always fun anticipating a game, and the closer it gets to release, the more difficult it is to wait. A week. 5 days. 2 days. Tomorrow. 12 hours. 1 hour. Is it out now? Where is it? WHEN?? Why can’t I find it?!

Finally. Downloading. Playing.

So often, a game will fail to truly live up to the anticipation.

But for me, Her Story totally exceeding all my expectations.

You’re at a computer, trying to find search terms to find video clips related to a murder investigation, over a suspect’s interview segments across 7 different days.

The story that you discover has so much subtlety, and slowly unfolds, that you get sucked in, being unsure what’s going on.

“OH!! I totally know what’s going on!”

Haha. No you don’t. You find that one more bit of information, that flips your thoughts entirely.

You learn more, you understand more.

Such a journey.

Such an experience.

This is one of the most satisfying games I’ve played in SUCH a long time. And it makes me want to shout it out to encourage more people to give it a try. I truly think it’s an experience worth trying.

Here's the link where you can purchase it: http://www.herstorygame.com/purchase/